Truck to digger


From a truck to a digger

Very much against his wish, his wife Åse, brought him to Haydom Lutheran Hospital. The couple are both truck drivers, - but Ingar also loves digging. And he has lost his heart to Haydom. He works hard during 9 month of the year in order to be able to spend 3 month at Haydom.

He never comes empty-handed. This year he came with an excavator, the full size version of all real boys toy. A gift from Ingar and his friends to Haydom Lutheran Hospital.

Why should a hospital need an excavator? A rather unusual tool even for a well equipped hospital. Well, Haydom Lutheran Hospital is a unique hospital, thus also needing unusual tools. This has got something to do with the hospitals mandate of development added to the mandate of health.

The caterpillar adds to a fleet of tractors and a truck brought by Ingar. This "fleet" is a tool for the Hospital both in the interaction with communities building schools and churches and a tool for the Hospital itself when new structures are coming up. The fleet brings income to the Hospital, making it more able to serve the people.

Haydom Development Company Ltd, the "development arm" of the Haydom Lutheran Hospital with food production on about 2500 ha this year might be one of the users of the new Caterpillar excavator, making structures for water harvesting and intensive production of food crops during at least half of the year, - or water basins for the dairy cattle!

New equipment arrive at Haydom Development company

Ingar Kvia at Haydom Development Company Ltd, Mulbadaw on Christmas Eve with new Caterpillar excavator and one of the renovated Versatile tractors behind.

“Ingars” new Caterpillar excavator and the employees at Haydom Development Company Ltd Mulbadaw on Christmas Eve 2005. 

The Haydom truck en route from Dar es Salaam to Haydom with the container containing family Dr Øystein Evjen Olsen’s property and the new Caterpillar behind.



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